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BodyHazard Body Jewellery
We stock a wide range of body jewellery, specialising in large gauge items for every piercing in a huge range of sizes and materials, such as glass, wood, horn, stone, acrylic, steel. We have great prices and offer worldwide shipping.

Jazz It Up Jewellery
Silver,Gold & Body Jewellery

JoBannas Body Jewellery
Retailer of body piercing jewellery, Playboy accessories and Italian charm bracelets.

International Silver Inc.
Manufacturer, Importer and Wholesaler of silver and body piercing jewelry

Wholesale Body Jewelry - Chaotic Trading
Wholesale Body Jewelry Body Piercing Wholesale Provider

Body Jewelry by
Extensive selection of Body jewelry - body piercing jewelry, tongue piercing, navel rings, belly button ring for Retail body jewelry and Wholesale body jewelry at
Factory Price.

Body Metallics
We sell all types of Body Piercing Jewellery. Belly Bars, Barbells, BCR's, Nipple, Tongue Bars, In PVD Gold and Black, Surgical Steel, Titanium, PTFE. All Jewellery is made in the UK, cheap prices, Free Postage.

Body Piercing
Titanium Captive Bead RingOur Body Jewelry Store offers popular titanium piercing and body jewelry supplies

Cheap Body Jewelry
Stainless Steel Body Jewelry is made from Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. This Body Jewelry can be used in initial piercings, and comes in a variety of styles


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